10mg Cetirizine Hydrochloride Antihistamine 3Pack (400 Tablets)

Hydrochloride Antihistamine
Hydrochloride Antihistamine

10mg Cetirizine Hydrochloride Antihistamine 3Pack (400 Tablets)

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Size:3Pack (400 Tablets)

10mg Cetirizine Hydrochloride Antihistamine 3Pack (400 Tablets)

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My husband and I both use Member’s Mark Formerly known as Simply Right Cetirizine on a daily basis. It’s been nice to be able to order it on Amazon rather than drive over an hour to the nearest Sam’s Club. Easy to order, packaged nicely, and shipped quickly. Save me time, and gas money. While I do pay a few more dollars on Amazon it’s worth it to me in time , and gas saved.


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Tablets are small and easy to swallow. With Husband and I both taking one daily this lasts us over 6 months. Name brand is much more expansive and doesn’t last nearly as long. We’ve both had great allergy control with these. Neither of us suffers any side effects, they do not make us drowsy and help with both seasonal and other allergies. Will most definitely keep purchasing!

I purchase this product mostly for my family. My wife suffers from moderate to severe allergies to pollen and dander. My son also suffers from allergies that once had his sensitivity described as “allergic to everything green”….not good for a Boy Scout who’s been camping monthly for the past 11+ years. They both were on prescription Claritin-D and suffered from even missing one day. Cetirizine has been a good substitute that provides near prescription quality relief at a fraction of the price. Though I grew up in the rural farming areas of Ohio, I was lucky enough to not suffer from allergies. When I moved to Cincinnati and the Ohio River valley, I noticed I was starting to feel the effects of allergies. I don’t suffer bad enough to require this medication regularly, but when I get a sinus cold, this is one of the first OTC meds I take.

Great price! I take allergy pills daily and have for a few years so I switched from a Claritin out of fear I was building up a tolerance to it and thought it a good idea to switch it up.

I still have bad allergy days, but they’d be so much worse if I wasn’t already taking these.

The expiration date is far enough in the future that, by taking them daily, I don’t need to worry they’ll expire before I finish the bottles. If you only use them seasonally I don’t know that I’d recommend the double pack though. They would be likely to expire before you use them all as it’s a once-a-day dose.

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