Female Fashion Advice

Female Fashion Advice
Female Fashion Advice

 female fashion advice

Female Fashion Advice

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female fashion advice

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Because of that, before stepping closer to this world, someone is suggested to take some kind of course or school first so that he or she knows very well about the world he or she is doing. The art institution, for example, is one of the most popular art institutions in the United States that has produced lots of popular and talented models in the world. Therefore, enrolling this kind of institution will be the best first step to do to be a popular and talented model, so that the existence of becoming a talented model or artist can be admitted very well also.

Great Female Fashion Advice

Looking Your Best

All it takes is an awareness of women’s fashion, your needs, what looks good on you and your budget.

Do you like to feel and look good in the clothes you wear? Well, most women do. It gives them a sense of confidence where ever they go. It does for me.

Hello and welcome to Fashion Tips for Women. This is your online guide to planning a great looking wardrobe. 

You will find this information very informative and it will help you gain a better understanding of women’s fashion. You will learn how to put together a practical wardrobe by what looks good on, if the color is right for you, and works within your budget. 

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself to make better choices when you buy:

Personal Style: How would you like to be perceived by others?

Lifestyle: What are the clothes you need for the type of activities that you are involved in?

Body Type: What are your shape and size? Do you have a favorite style that fits well and is flattering on you?

Color Type: What colors bring out your best features? Do you know which of the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter) you are grouped into? 

You will find some great tips and advice on the following:

  • The classic styles that last
  • Creating a look for you
  • Determine your lifestyle by how and where you spend your time
  • Clothes that enhance your figure by your body type
  • Ways to find your best colors
  • The best fabrics to buy
  • How to accessorize with shoes, hosiery, belts, handbags & jewelry
  • Taking inventory in your closet
  • Budget your money
  • How to shop
  • How to recognize quality
  • Get Organized
  • Care of clothes
  • Plus size clothing

These tips on women’s fashion will help you feel attractive and confident in the clothes you wear. It will help you create a wardrobe whether you sew or buy and put a stop on the tiring and frustrating clothes shopping. It will also stop the worry about what to wear. 

So, read these great tips and you’ll find how much fun and easy it is to create a closet full of clothes and always have something to wear.

The Perfect Women’s Accessories

They Make Great Wardrobe Extenders

Women’s accessories are the little things that make a big difference in the way you look. 

You can create the illusion that you are wearing a different outfit every day.

You’re probably wondering what exactly are women’s accessories? 

You can use accessories to:
  • Update your classics.
  • Change your look from day to evening or from business to casual.
  • Brightens up and brings to life neutrals.
  • Put the attention wherever you want it to be.
If you are a seamstress you should invest your money in the best accessories that you can afford. Great women’s accessories in classic styles are always in fashion. Women’s accessories are in a major and minor category. You can budget for the major pieces first. Then decide if you can afford some of the minor pieces. 
Comfort is a must. Leather is the best investment for comfort and durability. You should consider the cost of better leather goods.Image result for women's sandal
Shop midday when your feet are the smallest. Your feet are usually swollen by the evening. 
Look at a 1 1/2″-2″ heel. It is most flattering to the legs. Wear a minimum of a 1″ heel if you are heavy, short, or have short legs.  
Try to avoid wearing a T-strap shoe if you have thick ankles. The lower the top of the shoe and the more instep that shows the longer your legs will look. The more the foot that shows the less business-like the shoe is. Pumps with open toes or a slingback might be more comfortable. Closed-toe with a slingback is more appropriate in professional business.
If you go from day to evening a small toe opening in a pump would be fine. Add shoes for all occasions to your wardrobe according to your lifestyle and your climate.
Quality leathers with a medium heel in basic styles are the best investment. Buy them in neutral colors like brown, black, burgundy, or camel. 
Black boots are the easiest to dress them up or down. Burgundy is also a good color because it blends with both black and brown. 
Do not have a gap between the top of your boot and the bottom of your skirt or dress.
Buy a shade darker than your skin. Determine the best for you.

Think about the following when buying hose:

When your skirt or dress and shoes are all the same color, the lengthening effect is greater. Or make sure at least your hem and hose or your shoes and hose match.

Dark, light, bright colors, patterns and textures draw attention to your legs. Keep hose in the same mood and weight as your shoes. High heels and open the toe the sheerer your hose should be.


Great women’s accessories! You can always use beltsThey are a minor investment and get big results for your look. They are not that expensive and they can change shape or proportion of your look.

Here are some belt basics:Image result for belt pic

Buy leather belts that are ¾ to 1 1/4″ in a variety of colors. Also, buy belts that blend in with the color of your clothes. They will be less distracting and give the illusion of a longer line than belts that do not blend in.

Although, belts that blend in are less interesting. Belts in softer materials are more comfortable to wear and require a taller body. Shop for belts on sale. 

Shoe repair can punch holes or reposition buckles on too large or too small bargain belts. If you like a particular belt you can recycle the belt buckle. Shoe repair can remove it from the old belt and easily attach it to a new one. 

Buy several narrow cords or braid trims that are complementary in color. Take and knot them every 6″ or so. Buy enough of each to wrap around your waist twice and tie in a knot.

For the evening look tie up a wide taffeta or velvet ribbon. Finish it the raw ends with liquid nylon that coats raw edges and prevents raveling. Wrap cording or a wide belt around your waist then tie in a square knot. Wrap around twice for a more dramatic look.

For an elegant to a simple look buy an ultra-suede brand fabric belt about 2″ or 3″ width and just wrap around your waist. The ultra-suede fabric does not ravel, so the edges can be left raw or scalloped. 


Another great women’s accessory! A handbag does not have to match your shoes anymore, but matching it will make your look more simple.Image result for Handbags

Neutral colors like black, brown, tan, taupe and burgundy are your best choices to invest in.Leather bags are best for year-round. Neutral colored one in canvas, linen, and straw are more for spring and summer. You should make sure it’s it holds your normal contents.

Shoulder bags are convenient, but be sure the strap is short enough for the bag to hang at the top of your hip bone. Don’t let it hang further down like at your full hip or midriff because it will make your hips look wider. Longer straps are worn diagonally across the body. They can still be worn at the top of your hip bone. This style is very popular due to purse snatching world-wide.

There are envelopes and clutches for the dressier look and the business, you can put it into a briefcase. For the evening you can invest in a black fabric clutch.



Buy a briefcase that has good quality leather and blends with the color of shoes that you wear all the time. Darker leather has a more expensive look to it. You can purchase a leather tote bag for a practical alternative to the briefcase, but it is not as formal. Make sure they have reinforced handles and have a removable shoulder strap. This makes it easier for handling when you are carrying luggage on a business trip or just for shopping.

Image result for briefcases

Also, make sure there is double stitching for durability, and corners are reinforced with metal clips to prevent early signs of wear. There should be lots of inner compartments for organization. Sturdy clasps or zipper top closure for security.


I can do many tricks! They are practical and versatile. They can create a dramatic look for your wardrobe. Rectangular ones are the most versatile.

The silk scarves can be dyed in clear bright colors and they are an easy tie. Multicolor prints can be more versatile and a good investment, because they will blend in with more outfits.

Good scarves never go out of style. You can purchase the ones you like and follow the current scarf tying trends so you are in fashion and can use them for years to come.

You can tie a scarf in many ways. Experiment one day with fabric remnants for some ideas. These are here to stay and make a great addition to women’s accessories.


Don’t wear too much! Maybe a pearl necklace or gold earrings or a pin can be worn every day. It will be your look. Keep it simple for a classic tailored look.
Purchase the real thing if you can afford it or good fakes. Jewelry will always be a big part of women’s accessories. Here are some basics jewelry pieces to have:
Gold or silver and pearl earrings pearl necklace
Gold and Silver chains and braceletsImage result for jewelry
A watch that complements other jewelry


They are not for everybody. Although, they do make an interesting part of the women accessories. If you’ve never worn a hat, it will take some time to get used to wearing one.

If you do shop for a hat start with one that is small brimmed. Wide brims hats are worn at the beach or a summer garden party. It could be made out of cotton, knit or felt. 

Make sure it is in one of your four colors. You can choose your basic color and then add a flower or a pin in one of your other colors, so it will match what you are wearing.

Wear your hat just above your eyebrows. Don’t wear your hat pushed back. It will make you look dopey, not chic.

You probably don’t wear hats because you are worried about that saying “hat head”. It’s when you have that flatten hair to look after wearing a hat for a few hours. To solve this problem there are two solutions. The first one is you can find a hat so comfortable you can leave it on and make it part of your outfit. The second one is carrying a small brush, a travel-size bottle of styling gel and go into the ladies’ room to fluff up your hair.

Once you purchase that first hat, it is downhill after that. It will be easier to buy more. When you buy a new outfit go to the hat department and try a few on. Try on different styles that you wouldn’t normally try. Knit hats you can shove into your purse and pull out for a hair emergency.


If you live in a cold climate, you will need them in the winter. Try to make them more fashionable and part of your look. 

You will need your basic wool pair, or leather, in your basic color, but after that go for colors or prints.

Evening gloves make a very elegant look. They can be long or short, cotton or silk. They look great with a sleeveless dress. Never wear jewelry over gloves, and remove them while eating. These are fun to wear and add to women’s accessories. 


If you wear glasses you probably have one pair that you wear until they break or your prescription changes.

Glasses are expensive, so you must find a pair that complements your face and your wardrobe. The frame color should match one of your four colors, not your hair or skin tone. The same rules apply for sunglasses.

Here are some helpful hints on women’s accessories: When you are not sure how to wear them, then don’t! No jewelry is better than overdoing it. Focus on one spot, for example, either the ears, neck, or wrist, but not all of them. Check to see if you have to add or remove a piece. Keep women’s accessories in proportion to your size. If the earrings on a small person are too large then it would be distracting unless that is where you want the attention. Otherwise, take them off. You will need fewer pieces if they are important in size, color, or design. Use women’s accessories to make your look. Women’s accessories are just an added part of your total look.


It is a key fashion accessory. They are used for carrying personal items such as driver’s licenses, credit card and cash for easy and quick access.
Most designers offer seasonal collections. They usually come in black and brown leather. 
There are many different varieties and features. 


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